Proslabs specializes in providing custom concrete solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every project.

Excellent Range of Custom Concrete Services

Proslabs is the leading provider of custom concrete services in Melbourne. Our experienced team ensures that each project, regardless of complexity and size, receives a perfectly tailored mix design to meet its exact specifications.

We understand every detail counts when it comes to finding the right balance between aggregates, colour oxides and cement; this is why we partner with you or your designers intending on crafting impeccable results which can be confirmed through sample creations at home before fully committing – all for an affordable fee!

With Proslabs Company’s help your projects will reach their optimal level of aesthetic potential so don’t wait any longer: take advantage of our expertise today!

What We Do

We provide custom concreting solutions to meet your needs & visions

Our experienced professionals are experts at creating tailored mix designs with specialized forms, colors, and textures that will bring your precast concrete vision alive – all within an affordable price range!

We understand how important it is for projects to stand out; through our detailed approach combined with precision-balanced mixes of aggregates, colour oxides, and cement – you can craft stunning visual effects while staying on budget.


Custom forms are a great way to create stunning visual effects that truly set your project apart. Our custom forms can be created in any shape and size, with curves, angles, and complex geometries to suit any design. Form shapes are made from custom molds that generate exact replicas of the desired form. Proslabs can provide the mould-making service or you can provide a model from which Proslabs will create your custom form. Proslabs forms are perfect for creating unique designs with precast concrete that are sure to impress.

Mix Design

By introducing coloured oxides to a concrete mix, designers can unlock an array of creative possibilities. From pastel shades that are subtle and sophisticated to vivid hues for vibrant focal points – the applications of colour in concrete design are seemingly endless!


Concrete products can achieve a wide range of looks depending on their surface treatments. Through shot-blasting and honing, an exposed aggregate finish with different textures or smoothness may be revealed while polishing concrete offers further finishing touches like added glossiness and sleek shine.


Products can be taken to the next level of personalisation and expression with unique visual effects, achieved through graphic techniques such as stencilling or imprinting. Imagery, patterns, letters or numerals can all add an individual touch for a truly customised design.

Custom Concrete Pool

For those hoping to make the most of their outdoor space, opting for a custom concrete swimming pool is an ideal solution. Our team allows you the freedom to design your own personal oasis; from size and shape right through to tiling options, glass finishes and edging styles – all made with premium quality materials that promise longevity even in tough conditions. Whether looking for something practical such as render or partially-tiled pools, or wanting ultimate indulgence like plunge/spa pools adorned with crystal glass mosaic tiles – we believe our solutions guarantee satisfaction no matter your desired aesthetic!

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Construct your dream with concrete

At Proslabs Company, we specialize in providing custom solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every project. Get started today by tapping into our knowledge base: let us help set your upcoming venture apart from the rest.


What Our Client Say

At Proslabs, we understand the importance of feedback and opinion when it comes to any project. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with all of our clients by ensuring that they are heard and their contributions are valued.

Ready For Your Project?

Let’s construct something greater with concrete

We provide quality workmanship that is fast and efficient, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the results. Our team specializes in providing innovative solutions to every project, no matter how large or small.