Proslabs is a specialized formwork and shuttering service provider dedicated to the construction industry.

Who We Are

Melbourne’s Leading Formwork Contractors

Proslabs is a leading formwork contractor in Melbourne, offering high-quality concrete formwork services. Our team of experienced professionals are united behind the principles of training, safety, and quality assurance to provide exceptional results for our clients.

We specialize in shuttering carpentry or formwork carpentry which is a highly technical area of construction work that requires expertise and attention to detail. Proslabs has earned its reputation as one of the best contractors in Melbourne due to our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing superior services. Our experienced professionals have been providing superior quality services for the last few years.

What We Do

We construct high-quality concrete formworks

We specialize in creating tailored forms of any complexity, size, and shape, to suit different concrete structures. With an eye for detail and expertise in several materials such as wood, plastic, and so on, Proslabs formwork specialists offer superior quality services that blend the forms seamlessly with other materials. Our shuttering carpenters have the skill to interpret different architectural and engineering drawings while communicating possible issues they may come across in adapting designs.

Our team at Proslabs specializes in structural formwork packages, all designed to meet the rigorous requirements of Australia’s building codes. Our expertise spans a wide variety of services such as:

Why Choose Us

Safe and Secure Formwork Construction

Proslabs is committed to providing the highest level of safety for our clients and always prioritizes safety in all our formwork services. We believe that a safe working environment is essential for delivering an excellent quality product and customer satisfaction.

Our team follows strict safety protocols and guidelines to ensure that our formwork services are safe, secure, and reliable. Proslabs is proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who take safety seriously and are committed to providing superior-quality formwork services in Melbourne.

Proslabs is experienced at catering to individual specifications, from simple designs to complex multi-level structures, while strictly adhering to safety protocols.

In addition, our services include precast panel supply & installation as well as capping beams – ensuring an integrated finish across a variety of projects including commercial & residential buildings plus high-rise & underground builds!

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Years of Experience
best quality

Proslabs is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality possible and goes above and beyond to ensure that our concrete projects are meticulously crafted using long-lasting techniques.

cost effective

Proslabs offers cost effective concrete resurfacing services due to our skilled team of professionals. Our experienced staff can help you create an attractive and durable surface that meets all your exact requirements without breaking the bank.

fast process

Proslabs is proud to provide the fastest and most reliable formwork construction services in Melbourne. We understand that time is of the essence, so our team works quickly and efficiently to deliver the highest-quality results.

Powerful straight forward solutions for your concreting needs

If you’re looking for reliable formwork or shuttering services, Proslabs is your go-to contractor. Put your trust in the industry leaders for all of your formwork and shuttering needs. 

Our Latest Project

Construct your dream with concrete

Competitive pricing with no compromise on quality or customer satisfaction? Look no further than Melbourne’s number one contractor: Proslabs – simply unsurpassed when it comes to reliability and excellence within the field!


What Our Client Say

At Proslabs, we understand the importance of feedback and opinion when it comes to any project. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with all of our clients by ensuring that they are heard and their contributions are valued.

Ready For Your Project?

Let’s construct something greater with concrete

We provide quality workmanship that is fast and efficient, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the results. Our team specializes in providing innovative solutions to every project, no matter how large or small.